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SpeedSF Round 1: Done and Dusted

Round 1 of the SpeedSF Challenge series is in the books along with 3 broken records to boot! The drivers that broke records were treated to a $50 gift certificate from Wine Country Motorsports.

Speed SF Challenge dates, details & vehicle classification.

Track Records

NEXT Challenge: 03/17/19 Thunderhill West!

Class S1

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This class featured four drivers, 2 German makes and 2 American makes. The Americans won this time around, as 1st place driver Jeffrey Cook heroically CHARGED his 2018 Chevrolet Camaro around the track for a 1:52.782 lap time. Not only did this put him securely in 1st place, but he earned himself a $50 Wine Country Motorsports gift certificate for breaking the S1 lap record!

2nd place driver was Jason Fries in his 2012 Porsche 911 Turbo S with a 1:58.239 lap time while 3rd place driver piloted a not-even-from-this-decade Chevrolet Corvette (C5) and threw down a 02:01.426 lap time. Fun fact, he only drove 2 laps the whole day and the car’s clutch decided it didn’t want to play anymore. Basically, he got Fernando Alonso’d. Better bring a lawn chair next time so you can bask in the sun, Gordon!

Class S2

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Here we are again with the S2 class with the lockout leader yellow mangomobile. Gary Yeung and the Dirty Mango S2000 were at the top of the heap in this 4-driver class: a 01:56.696 showing, which not only put him squarely ahead in front of the other drivers, but broke the S2 lap record for this track. Gary earned himself a beautiful $50 certificate from Wine Country Motorsports for his efforts.

2nd place driver was Shaun Webster who drove his 2017 BMW M2 (a beautiful machine to say the least) to a 1:59.681 lap time — very cool! Shannon French rounded out the podium in 3rd place by driving his 2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 to a respectable 02:04.208 lap time. Good stuff here going on in this group to start off the season!

Group S3

SpeedSF Thunderhill Sunday 02_24_2019-73.jpg

Ah yes, Group S3 - the class Gary Yeung obliterated before moving on to Group S2. Except now, a new Gary has taken over: Gary Wong! Gary and his white 2004 S2000 put on a flyer of his own with a 01:57.945 lap time, earning himself 1st place in this class. What a difference a wing can do, eh?

2nd place driver Andre Eisenbach drove his 1995 BMW M3 to a 01:58.533 lap time while 3rd place driver Kenneth Yip drove his 2011 BMW M3 to place a 2:00.065 lap time. Not a bad set of laps for these fine gentlemen in this group.


SpeedSF Thunderhill Sunday 02_24_2019-68.jpg

Wait, Joe McGuigan won Group S4 again? Figured that lumberjack beard would have weighed him down just a little bit! Anyways, he and his borrowed 2015 FR-S got 1st place with a 02:05.286 lap time, while King Tang drove his NA Miata to 2nd place thanks to a fast 02:06.500 lap time. One day you’ll beat Joe, King. One day…

Oh and 3rd place driver David Cornelius drove his 1998 BMW M3 with a resounding 02:07.535 lap time. Great showing from the S4 drivers here!


SpeedSF Thunderhill Sunday 02_24_2019-65.jpg

Now this was an interesting turn of events in this group, as one would expect Scott to come away with the win in his Spec Miata. NOT SO FAST THERE!

In fact, it was Nash Ramar (represented in this photo by his friend) who actually took home 1st place by just .053 seconds in his stock 2019 Mazda Miata. Those NDs have a bit more pep in its step, eh? Scotty Scotty, you shall reclaim 1st next round. But for now, your 02:08.445 2nd place lap time will have to do!

Group X

SpeedSF Thunderhill Sunday 02_24_2019-86.jpg

Ah the big boys. Familiar faces and probably familiar results…with a twist! “Michael Angelo” took home 1st place AND a $50 Wine Country Motorsports gift certificate thanks to an epic class-crushing 1:50.603 lap time in his Dodge Viper ACR. Looks like he may be holding this class lap-record for a while unless someone formidable comes along. This will have to do for now!

Lief Storer made an appearance for this round, bringing along his tried and true 2009 Nissan GT-R. He drove his baby to a 01:58.885 lap time. Have you shaken off the cobwebs fully yet, Lief?


A great job to the drivers who won their places and THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the SpeedSF Challenge! 

As we look forward to Round 2 of the SpeedSF Challenge back at Thunderhill Raceway West, we want to say that we truly appreciate our sponsors and participants as it would not be possible without them! 

We thank our sponsors Wine Country Motorsports, G-Loc brakes, Titan7 Wheels, and Necksgen for their continued and valued support. Please visit their respective websites to show your support and let them know SpeedSF sent you!

Our next SpeedSF Challenge will be held at Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, CA. Again, please check out the event website by clicking here. We will see you at our next event!

Ryan Bula