General Rules

All competitors must have timing through SpeedSF Track Events

  • All Miatas must have an approved 4-point roll bar installed prior to getting on the racetrack

  • All convertible cars are required to have roll over protection. Factory OEM Roll Protection may be allowed, please contact SpeedSF staff prior running a convertible car

  • Use of Nitrous Oxide is prohibited

  • Cooling and brake related mods are allowed in all classes

  • No point added if mod is not listed

  • Rules subject to change without notice

  • If there are any protests against another driver, they should be made 1 hr. prior to ceremony

  • Season Podium requires participating in 4+ challenges

  • Beginners are not allowed, 10+ track days experience required


2019 Speed SF Challenge Schedule

*The lowest points days, maximum of four days, will be discarded* 15 days total.

  • Feb 24th (Sun) - Thunderhill West

  • Mar 17th (Sun) Thunderhill West

  • Apr 21st (Sun) Weather Raceway Laguna Seca

  • May 25th (Sat) Sonoma Raceway

  • May 31st (Fri) Thunderhill 5 miles

  • Jun 16th (Sun) Weather Raceway Laguna Seca

  • Jun 30th (Sun) Buttonwillow Raceway

  • Aug 16th (Fri) Sonoma Raceway

  • Aug 30th (Fri) Thunderhill 5 miles

  • Sep 22nd (Sun) Thunderhill West

  • Oct 26th (Sat) Weather Raceway Laguna Seca

  • Nov 10th (Sun) Sonoma Raceway

  • Nov 29th (Fri) Buttonwillow Raceway

  • Dec 15th (Sun) Thunderhill Raceway

*** If your vehicle is not listed, please contact us. We will assign the vehicle base points to you according to our system ***