SpeedSF Beginner Group - How It Works:

-- Do I need a modified car?

            Absolutely not! Modifying cars can get expensive, so we recommend you bring your car to your first track day mostly stock. If you’re going to change anything ahead of finding out whether or not the track life is for you, we recommend upgrading your brake pads and adding some additional cooling. If you are bringing a convertible, make sure it passes rollover restrictions for the track and event group.

-- What do I need to bring?

            Yourself, your car, and a great attitude are a good start! Helmets are required to be on track, so you should purchase a helmet (SA2010 or newer in good condition) if you can, but if you’re not ready or unable, we recommend checking the track’s website to see if helmet rentals will be available, or ask a friend.

-- When should I arrive?

            SpeedSF emails all registered attendees with a schedule for the event day - this schedule will tell you when your driver meeting will be held. We recommend you arrive 30-45 minutes ahead of your meeting so that you can unpack your car and check in.

--  How should I prepare?

       For your car: We recommend all drivers check tires, fluids, and brakes prior to coming out. We have a tech sheet to help guide you through this process. Download here. Also, make sure you have numbers on both sides of your car - we sell numbers at registration, but you can also use painter’s tape if you’d like, as long as you have numbers! (No repeating 1’s or 7’s!)

For yourself: Just like how you check if your car is in tip-top shape, you also need to make sure YOU are in top shape! Get lots of rest, have that morning coffee, and  stay hydrated and fed! We also recommend you check out our SpeedSF track day flag guide.

-- Convertible?

We do accept convertibles, however, only with some form of roll-over protection (factory or aftermarket roll bars). Convertibles with no roll-over protection are prohibited.

Please contact us to make sure your convertible is allowed. Both driver and passenger heads with helmets must be below the top of front windshield and roll bar.

-- What should I expect?

            Beginners with SpeedSF are assigned an instructor for the beginning two sessions of the day. Drivers will follow their instructor to learn the racing line, and after each lead and follow, there will be a classroom meeting - 1st session: vehicle dynamics, 2nd session: track drill down. If drivers want more instructor time, they should feel free to ask their instructor ride along with them.

-- Don’t know? Ask!

We want you to come back and have a great time, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!  We are here to help! Nobody knows everything, and some people who have been doing this for 10+ years are still learning new things every time they come out, so be curious! Our track coaches are able to help you get your skills to where you want it to be!

-- For more information, please visit our FAQ page: www.speedsf.com/faq or Contact us at info@speedsf.com