Run Groups

Our run groups are divided by track experience and skill level, not all run groups will be available at every event. Please refer to event description for the event details.

All run groups listed below are under our HPDE (High Performance Driving Education Program) and designed to teach drivers proper high speed driving techniques. Safety is our #1 priority. No racing involved.


  • 20+ Track Day Experience or Racing License.
  • Experience with open passing.
  • No passing restrictions with good judgement, passing anywhere.

Low Advance/High Intermediate:

  • 11-19 Track Day Experience with good awareness of surrounding vehicles.
  • Drivers are capable of passing anywhere, but at a slower pace.
  • Point-By Passing is recommended, but not required.

Low Intermediate:

  • 4-11 Track Day Experience
  • Point-by Passing is required at all times.
  • Passing is not allowed unless the car being overtaken has authorized the pass with a hand signal.
  • Passing in the corners is allowed at some venues with point-by and if the pass is made safely, please refer to the event description for details.
  • Beginners:
  • 0-3 Track Day Experience
  • Point-by Passing is required at all times.
  • No passing in any corners.
  • All passing must be done at the straight sections and before the braking zone with point-by hand signal from the front driver.
  • Instructors provided.

Speed SF Challenge Session:

  • Time attack session.
  • Extra session only available for Speed SF Challenge Competitors.
  • Open passing.
  • No beginner or low intermediate drivers allowed.
  • No passengers.
  • Drivers will be gridded by lap time.
  • Driver’s session will be terminated if 4-wheels go off track.