Cancellation Policy:

  • $30 cancellation fee will be deducted from the event fee 14 days prior to the event start date.
  • If you cancel within 14 days of the event, no refund or credit will be issued.
  • Payment cannot be transferred to previous or upcoming events. However, event fee may be transferred to another driver as long as the paid driver notifies us 24 hours prior the start of the event.
  • SpeedSF Track Events reserves the right to cancel an event due to any unforeseen incidents.
  • All cancellation requests must be emailed to info@speedsf.com


  1. The main gate will be open between 6:00-7:00am depending on the facility. It will take a while to sign in all attendees at the main gate so please try to arrive as early as possible. No trucks, SUVs, vans can participate. (Please contact us for exceptions to this rule).
  2. Missing the drivers meeting may result in losing track time or cancellation of registration, no refund will be issued.
  3. Speed limit in the paddock is 10 mph. Absolutely no drifting or burn outs inside the paddock. Driver will be removed from the race track if this policy is violated. 
  4. Before staging in pit lane, clear your car of any loose items. Make sure you remove loose items from the door pockets, seats, glove box, ashtray, armrest, trunk, and above the sun visor. Remove hubcaps, lug nut covers, floor mats, and the club you never use on the steering wheel.
  5. Make sure that the numbers on your car are securely attached to the rear door, quarter windows, or C-pillar, and are clearly visible.
  6. No consumption of alcohol is allowed during the track/driving portion of the event. You may not bring alcohol onto the track property.
  7. Smoking is prohibited in the hot pit area, near the gas pumps, and in any buildings, including tech shed and classrooms.
  8. The only insurance covering drivers and their vehicles is their own, please check with your provider.
  9. Both front windows must remain down at all times during track sessions.
  10. It is mandatory that waste materials be disposed of in the correct drums, (antifreeze, oil, brake fluid, etc.) which are located in the paddock. Spillage may result in ejection from the facility and a fine.
  11. Participants are liable for removing their used tires, batteries, and unwanted parts.
  12. Absolutely no bedding of new brakes and/or testing of vehicles on the infield roads.
  13. Many tracks have gas pumps and these pumps will be available during the event. These pumps require use of a credit or debit card to purchase fuel. Some pumps are not attended and some do not accept cash. 

Rain or Shine?

  • Our events will go on rain or shine.

Are Convertibles allowed?

  • Yes, however only convertibles with some form of roll over protection (factory or aftermarket roll bars).  Cars with no roll over protection are prohibited.
  • All Miatas must have approved roll bars to be on the race track. Please contact us to make sure your convertible is allowed. Both driver and passenger heads with helmets must be below the top of front windshield and roll bar.

What are the safety requirements?

  • You must have a helmet that is SA, M, or FIA rated.  SA helmet must be SA2010 or newer and M helmets must be M2010.  Open face helmets are accepted (Closed cockpit only), but full face helmets are preferred. 
  • Cotton shirts are mandatory when on-track unless announced during the drivers meeting.
  • We strongly recommend long-sleeve cotton shirts, but allow short sleeve cotton shirts (no tank tops).  Closed toed shoes are required.  No sandals allowed.  We recommend long pants, but allow short pants.  No gloves are required, but we recommend racing gloves.

Vehicle Numbers

  • Numbers are required, the #1 and #7 cannot be repeated, and no single digit numbers.  Numbers are required to be at least 6” tall and must be run on each side of the car. Numbers can be made out of blue/painter tapes or vinyl numbers can be purchased at the registration.

Can I share my car?

  • Two drivers are allowed to share car and register independently for two different run groups.
  • We do not allow sharing car with multiple drivers in a single run group registration.
  • Test driving for a team with crews maybe allowed in the run group of the least experienced driver, please contact us for authorization.

Tow Hook(s) Required?

  • Tow hooks are required. If you do not have a tow hook on the front of your car, please have one installed or figure out a tow point (at the front) that we can use to pull you off track if necessary.  It is your responsibility to make sure that use of the tow hook or tow point will not damage your car.  You will be responsible for damage done to your car due to towing.  

How much track time do I get?  

  • You will have 20 minutes per session.  There are approximately 4 to 6 of these sessions per day.

How many cars will be on the track at once?

  • Depending on the track, there will be approximately 20-30 cars per session.

If I bring a guest, can they ride in car as a passenger?

  • Yes, in general SpeedSF allows passengers for all groups except beginners.  Passengers are not permitted to ride with beginners except instructors.  Passengers must be 18+. There may be exceptions where the track rules will supersede the SpeedSF/ passenger policy.

 What do you guys have on hand for a safety crew and corner marshals for your events?

  • Our events will always have either a fire rescue or an emergency medical transport (EMT) on standby at the track.  Our corner marshals are well trained to help and assist all our participants track side at all blind corners.

Is this dangerous?  Have there been accidents at your events?

  • Yes, Motorsports can be dangerous just like many other sports.  So is driving on public highways.  And yes, we have had cars totaled at our events due to driving beyond ones ability.  Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, any place.

Can I bring my dog/pet?  S/he is very well behaved and will be leashed.

  • Pets are allowed, but must be leashed at all times. Failure to maintain your pet could result in your ejection from the event.

24hrs Lemon, Chump and similar project cars

  • We do not allow 24 hrs Lemon / Chump race cars and any similar project cars with missing bumpers, windows or body panels, non-OEM body parts that don't fit right, significant body damage or primer, or attached "artistic appendages" or signs.