Federal Tires - A Review from SpeedSF Instructor and Racing Driver Michael Ostby


Federal Tires and the SpeedSF Challenge

As you all know, Federal Tires have been a long-time title sponsor for the SpeedSF Challenge. Not only can SpeedSF participants purchase Federal 595 RS-RR tires at a discounted rate, fast SpeedSF drivers who end up on the podium after each event can earn free tires through the SpeedSF contingency program!  As of April 2018, Federal Tires has earned their second Red Dot Award with their Xplora MTS tire. In 2017, Federal won their first Red Dot Award with their 595-RS-RR, a tire we have been proudly promoting during the past year.

Federal Tires' performance are motorsports-proven, and so we asked our SpeedSF instructor, resident racecar driver, and an all-around good guy Michael Ostby, to give us his feedback/review of the Federal 595RS-RR. 

I have been a really big fan of the Federal 595RS-RR for over the past year or so. As someone who races regularly, getting solid seat time with race rubber can get pretty expensive! Fortunately, the Federal 595RS-RRs have phenomenal grip characteristics, that are close enough to R-comp tires that we don’t feel the need to spend precious track time burning up race rubber. We don’t even change any settings on the car’s suspension; simply swap, push hard, review data and repeat.
The grip is consistent and predictable. The longevity of the tires is amazing as well. The relative speed of the tires lasts until the very end, making these tires very useful. They make an excellent track day tire and we couldn’t be happier with the performance and overall remarkable value.

Please make sure to visit Federal Tires' 595 RS-RR product page for more information regarding specs and sizes. We thank Federal Tires for being an awesome company and partner to work with and we are proud of Federal Tires' achievements thus far. SpeedSF Track Events hopes they continue their run of success for years to come.

Ryan Bula