SpeedSF Banquet @ The Garage in Burlingame - January 14, 2018

On January 14, 2018, nearly 100 people descended upon The Garage for SpeedSF’s Year-End Banquet to celebrate the 2017 season, eat great food, and win some really cool prizes provided by SpeedSF’s sponsors and affiliates. The SpeedSF winners were also announced and were given top-notch awards provided by sponsors Necks-Gen, DBA USA, Wine Country Motorsports, and Carzwerk.  SpeedSF's very own Joe McGuigan rocked the mic as emcee and awards presenter during the event. 

Starting with Group RWB, we have Dom Stone in a Dodge Viper edging out Lief Storer and his 2009 Nissan GT-R 100 to 92. Dom certainly earned his top spot after winning the four events he entered! Third place victor is none other than Darius Khaghbi in his Dodge Viper ACR-E. He was only 1 win away from tying Dom but we’ll just have to wait until this year to see who ends up where. A huge congratulations to all. Andre Hartanto was the stand-in for accepting the prizes since the three winners were unable to make it to the banquet. 

SpeedSF_Banquet 1600px logo-34.jpg

In Group FOF, cover girl Gary Yeung in the Dirty Mango Honda S2000 once again claimed the top spot with 217 points and 4 event wins. Gordon Peng in a Corvette C5 Z06 secured 2nd place after earning a crucial 15 points during the MRLS event on 12/31. SpeedSF first-timer Steven Chiu in a BMW E46 M3 won a respectable 3rd place with a total of 132 points. We’re excited to see where he ends up in 2018, as this group is loaded with talent and fast cars! All three winners received awards from the sponsors; Gordon won a $100 award from DBA USA, Steven won an award from Wine Country Motorsports and Gary won a head-and-neck restraint from Necks-Gen. 

Group PAF had an exciting end to the 2017 season, as there were numerous close battles happening throughout the year. Gary Wong held the top spot with 202 points in his Honda S2000 with 4 event wins, while Henry Iglesias started out the season strong with 3 event wins, finishing the season with 106 points. CG Bob Blackwood and his Lotus Elise were very close to claiming 2nd place, as he was only 1 point behind Iglesias. We’ll watch this space to see what happens this year. Unfortunately, neither of these drivers were able to make it to the banquet as well, but we wish them congratulations all the same! 

Scott Smith who won 16 events and ended the season with 454 points obliterated Group PF, another class loaded with talent! Not bad for a Miata. Joe McGuigan had an impressive season as well, scoring 305 points and 3 event wins, firmly holding on to 2nd place with his great driving in a Lexus IS300. Danny Vanco leapfrogged Haoming Chang in the final event of the season at MRLS with 11 points to steal 3rd place in his Scion FR-S. Danny ends the season with 108 points and 1 event win to his name. Because of all their hard work this season, Danny won an award from Wine Country Motorsports, while Joe McGuigan won a certificate from DBA USA, and Scott won a Necks-Gen!

Finally, Group P, which featured another place swap at the end of the season. Dave Theodore ruled P class with 3 event wins and 174 points, while Corentin Derbois in a BMW E36 earned 2nd place with a strong finish to net 108 points to close out the season. Todd Winstanley, who came alive at the end of the season as well to barely surpass King Tang by 5 points in a Lexus IS300, snatched 3rd place and boy did he earn it! A huge applause for the tremendous effort displayed here.  Dave Theodore won a very pretty Necks-Gen for his season efforts, while Corentin Derbois won a gift certificate from DBA USA. Tood Winstanley (Alejandro Rios being his representative for this award) won a gift certificate from Wine Country Motorsports. A huge round of applause for this incredibly stacked group!

During the event, we raffled off several prizes ranging from Tein Magnetic Car Mount Holders, to Sparco picnic hats, and various car tools for the everyday handyman.

Overall, it was a great year with many battles in their respective classes. Most importantly, we cannot stress enough that SpeedSF and the SpeedSF Challenge would not be here without all our drivers’ support and participation in our events. We really appreciate it!

Additionally, we would like to thank our official title sponsor Federal Tires. Be sure to check out the sponsorship deal from Federal Tires here.

We would also like to thank Necksgen, DBA USA, Wine Country Motorsports, G-Loc Brakes, and iLap Timer 2.

Be sure to visit www.SpeedSF.com for more information about 2018’s events and the SpeedSF Challenge. You too can earn one of our glorious awards, trophies, and notoriety!


Ryan Bula