Federal Tires SpeedSF Challenge @ Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca - January 28, 2018 - Round 1

The First SpeedSF Challenge of 2018

We are well into 2018, which means the SpeedSF season has begun! The first official SpeedSF Challenge, sponsored by Federal Tires, started at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on Sunday, January 28. A strong showing of fast cars and event faster drivers blessed the track and it was a thing of beauty to watch. 

One of the biggest changes in this 2018 season is the class name changes.  SpeedSF veterans will notice the classes “OMG”, “PF” “RWB” etc. are gone and are replaced with simpler-titled performance categories ranging from the “X” tier to the respectable and competitive “S5” tier. The class points and calculator were tweaked as well, so make sure you check it out here in case you need to catch up on the 2018 changes going forward. 

New Trophies!

For 2018, we rolled out new trophies that will look beautiful in anyone's trophy case or on top your favorite nightstand. 


29 drivers participated in the first SpeedSF Challenge of the season, held at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. This proved to be a close and highly-competitive battle for 1st round domination and positively set the tone for what may happen as we progress through the season.  

Group X

The lone wolf in the group for the Laguna SpeedSF challenge, Shah Rukh Khan brought out his beautiful 2018 McLaren 720S and tore up the track, earning 25 points. Hopefully he continues his fast run into the Thunderhill February 25 event.

Group S1

5 famous people and 1 regular citizen joined the fun in a Porsche GT3-dominated category, starting off with Josh Grobin in his Porsche GT3 earning 25 points, with Peter Parker in a Porsche GT3 placed 2nd with 21 points, while young-at-heart Willie Nelson rounded out the top 3 with 18 points. Great start to the 2018 season for these three drivers!

Group S2

With another Porsche-heavy group, they all claimed the top three spots. Martin Grunthaner in his Porsche GT4 claimed the top spot and earned 25 points, Abraham Poon secured 2nd place in his Porsche GT4 and earned 21 points, while David Colbert took 3rd place in his LS-powered Porsche 968 and earned 18 points.

Group S3

American power won out this group, as John Lawrence secured the top spot in his 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE and earned his 25 points to start off 2018. Another apparently famous F1 driver by the name of Robert Kubica took 2nd place in his Honda S2000. Stephane Sezer placed 3rd in his E46 M3, earning 18 points. This is a group to watch as the season progresses.

Group S4

3 drivers, 3 places, yet still really good results. Sohan Kota took 1st place with his Honda S2000 earning a shiny 25 point start to the season. King Tang earned his 2nd place and 21 points in his Acura Integra, beating out Sam Huong who piloted a BMW M3 to 3rd place and earning 18 points.

Group S5

Arguably the most competitive group of the bunch, as Miatas dominate this run group. Josh Maston took 1st place in his Miata, while SpeedSF regular and 2017 award-winner Corentin Derbois took 2nd place with his own Miata. Iakona Simpliciano, a name that sounds fast, took 3rd place in his own Miata too. It will be interesting to see just which Miata ends up taking home the award for S5 at the end of the season. It’ll be a long run until then.

Thank You!

A round of applause to our drivers who gave it their all this round. We cannot do this without our great drivers, participants, and sponsors. We would like to thank our Challenge sponsor Federal Tires, as well as SpeedSF Track events sponsors Wine Country Motorsports, G-Loc brakes, DBA USA, Necksgen, and iLapTimer 2.

Our next SpeedSF challenge will be held at Thunderhill Raceway on Sunday, February 23. Again, please check out the event website by clicking here. We will see you at our next event!