2019 discount programs


It’s that time of year again when we offer our discount programs for great savings to our track day enthusiasts.

We are offering 3 programs this year, and they are only available between 1/18-2/15 only, so act as fast as you drive!

Thunderhill VlP ($1950) - One super low price a la carte program. Freedom to attend any of our 2019 Thunderhill events at one low price. (Includes Thunderhill 2 miles, 3 miles & 5 miles - Total of 13 days of events $3500 value. - $1550 saving!!!)

  • This package is for one driver only

  • Spot is not transferable.

  • Credit code is non-refundable.

Discount Program #1 - Pay $1800 and receive a $2000 credit. ($200 saving)

Discount Program #2 - Pay $3500 and receive a $4000 Credit ($500 saving!!)

You may purchase more than one Discount Program. Credit does not expire. Credit will be added to your motorsportreg.com account. You may split your credit to one other driver.

  • Once credit is split, it is not reversible.

  • Driver must have a motorsportreg.com account

  • This Credit is non-refundable.

Discount Packages:
Driver(s) Name and Email:
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