General Rules:

  • All competitors must have timing through Speedsf Track Events
  • All Miatas must have a approved 4-point roll bar installed prior to getting on the racetrack.
  • All Convertible cars are required to have roll over protection. Factory OEM Roll Protection may be allowed, please contact Speed SF Staffs prior running a convertible car.
  • Use of Nitrous Oxide is prohibited
  • Cooling and brake related mods are allowed in all classes.
  • No Point added if mod is not listed
  • Rules subject to change without notice
  • If there are any protest against other driver, it shall be made 1 hour prior to reward ceremony.
  • Season Podium requires participating in 4+ events
  • Beginners are not allowed

Updated for 2017 Season

*** If your vehicle is not listed, please notify us by using the form at the bottom of the page. We will assign the vehicle base points to you according to our system ***

2017 Entry Form Download


Vehicle Base Points + Performance Upgrade Points = Class Points


  • Class (P) Pretty                                    0-6     Points
  • Class (PF) Pretty Fast                         7-12   Points
  • Class (PAF) Pretty And Fast              13-18 Points
  • Class (FOF) Flat Out Fast                   19-24 Points
  • Class (OMG) OMG! Fast                     25-30 Points
  • Class (RWB) Race Whatcha Bring      31 +    Points


  • Class P & PF            FWD/RWD Max 255 , AWD Max 235
  • Class PAF & FOF    FWD/RWD Max 275 , AWD Max 255
  • Class OMG!             FWD/RWD Max 315 , AWD Max 285
  • Class RWB               OPEN