Back by popular demand, we offer huge savings with our new 2017-2018 Discount passes by pre-paying for events ahead of time. We offer three options:

  • $4000 for $5000 credit (20% off) *$1000 off that’s 4-5 free track events*
  • $2550 for $3000 credit (15% off)
  • $900 for $1000 credit (10% off)

This year, we offer 33 days of events in 2017. From the historic Laguna Seca, nationally recognizable Sonoma raceway to Thunderhill and Buttonwillow. We have a wide range of dates which will satisfy your driving passions. We also offer coaching services and our own time trial competition. We limit car counts by design and place safety as our number one priority, to insure we are true to our main purpose, to go out there and have fun.

Credit will be applied into your account within 48 hours. It is a perfect package for yourself or a gift to your friends.


Discount options
Receiver’s name


*Driver must complete online registration each event in order to use the credit, if that event is full, we cannot get you in*

*We reserve the right to cancel your discount/pass due to violation of our policies *

*No refunds, all credits must be used before 12/31/2017*